Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Freedom in Frames

When i came across Blogadda's frames of freedom contest, i thought what could be better than capturing the moment of young girls going to school as they break the barriers of their society which is against girls getting educated(yes its right even now in many places the girl child is not allowed to study) so I went to a school near my house and clicked these pics(below).

From these pics it can be can be clearly seen how confident these kids are about securing their future and they can feel that yes we have the Freedom of education. But just after this i get reminded of the kids who really feel free if just they don't have to babysit their siblings for a day? (Why has the mankind limited its freedom)

Then I move to the vocational center in the same institute and click some snaps where the kids are give training in various professional fields so that they can easily secure their future.

In these pics it can be easily known how confident the kids are to have the freedom to secure their future and be self-dependent. But after this why do i get reminded of the kids who feel happy just to see others working but are sad within themselves? (Why is human freedom confined to a particular limit).

Then i click the pic of a girl who is really happy as she got her favorate chocolate to eat.

Here i can see the girl feels free to get the chocolate but then why am i reminded of a kid who is more happy than this girl when he/she gets a broken toy to play with. (Why is human freedom confined).

Then i finally found something to click which conveyed total freedom with out any limitation...

Here I can see the nature's total freedom....

The clouds to roar throughout the world..
The winds to blow wherever they want..
The river to flow round the world...

Then i hear the nature asking me "Why did the mankind limit its freedom?"

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Politics In India: A Lopsided Affair


India is known to be a democratic republic, but do you think the meaning of democracy is still the same in India or has it been redefined with a new meaning given by the politicians. Our country claims to be developing for the last 3-4 decades but is it actually developing or simply following the footsteps of another developed country? When the public is questioned, each & everyone is ready with blazing words condemning the government. But is the government the only one responsible for all this? Why is it that even when a natural calamity occurs the government is made responsible for all the loss incurred? Why is the Indian government always regarded with mistrust & negative publicity?

What I have personally figured out, the Indian population’s mentality is the one to be blamed. We always think & speak but never act! We talk of stopping corruption but when it comes to our own work we don’t hesitate to bribe others. In all grave situations, we react in a manner of a human robot, programmed to permanently blame the government for every mishap that occurs.
We say politics is bad, then why don’t we let our children enter it & bring about a change?
Don’t you think that if the entire political system is reframed then India would be better off? We have high-level of tests for the administrative officials. Shouldn’t the heads of these officials be made to prove their mettle too? Shouldn’t’ they give a small test on the Indian Constitution to warranty that those who rule us at least know something about the rule book?

Why is politics considered a dirty profession? Till date what I have seen, who enters politics?

• Political families end up campaigning for their own sons & daughters, making Indian politics a family affair
• Retired film stars. sportspersons & business men, whom the party hires for publicity.

And the worst are the ‘self-made’ politicians.

• Local goons tired of their everyday petty extortion affairs, get the innovative idea of joining politics to lead a sophisticated life. Exchanging their mafia look for the clean white kurta & Gandhian cap they enter politics.
• From the very childhood kids are voting for their monitor in school. At college it’s the Secretary & in University the President. For these candidates, power & responsibility combine to form the key to financial door. As outside parties lend their support, they terrorize, influence or dominate over their fellow college-mates to gain maximum votes. You better vote or else…
For them holding a position of responsibility just translates to having more money. And when this ideology has been firmly ingrained in them, the party takes them in their fold-meet the young leaders of India.

As a result of this, parents tend to guide their children as far away from politics as possible, so much that they don’t even vote in elections! And the ones who support it, effectively use politics as a medium to raise their social & financial status.

I am at a loss to understand now, is the Indian government for the people, by the people & of the people or is it the people that are for, by & of the government?

Does an Indian have no voice of their own? Isn’t true democracy being muted by this manner?
Isn’t this the reason why every sector has met with downfall? The British left behind a great policy that the Indians meticulously adhere to-“Divide & Rule” policy. We divide one every conceivable basis & grounds & try to rule over others to prove our false supremacy.

The inner conflicts that India has is the reason why outer forces can easily wreck havoc here. We have more Maoists & Naxalites than the Al-Qaeda terrorists!

When Congress had demanded for a ‘partial democracy’ Gandhi ji was stunned hearing that the youth of India had cried out for “Purna Swaraj” I.e. freedom in its entirety. And we had obtained it. Purna Swaraj!

On August 15, 1947 the sweet breeze of freedom wafted over India, wiping every Indian’s sweat & tears irrespective of caste creed or religion. But now, as we are celebrating the 63rd Independence, I put before you this question, are we living in Purna Swaraj or is it a partial democracy with the powerful & mighty ruling over the meek?

Thus, I refrain from saying “Mera Bharat Mahan”!

This post is an entry for BlogAdda's "Mera Bharat Mahan" contest sponsored by Pringoo.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Is RAGGING actually a Punishable Offence..?

Student commits suicide for ragging……

Girl gang rapped in the name of ragging……

Student looted in the name of ragging…

Ragging on its peak level…..

Sexual harassment of a student in the name of ragging.

Etc. etc. etc. etc.

Well these where some very common and flashing news till some days ago but now the news changed to be……

Students rusticated form college for ragging in college….where as they claim to just have asked to give an intro……..

Students debarred from any education for years for ragging………where they say that the juniors had misbehaved them...

Students behind bars for eve teasing a girl during ragging, even women’s cell act on them……….but they said that it was done intentionally……..

Student commits suicide for being rusticated from college as he was said to be involved in ragging

Inquiry committee to take a decision for ragging in universities in Delhi…


Now what is all this. Just a form of news, or just a way to time pass in the collage or is it the latest way of in campus entertainment?

Any thing excess is bad. Even, if something is too sweet it gives a bitter sensation. This is what has happened to the environment in the educational institutes in India. There was a time when ragging was termed to be a very good, as it helped a lot to improve one's smartness, attitude, respect to seniors, and it used to be a very good way of removing one's fear towards facing problems and speaking in a gathering.

But what happened now?

The same is banned as many of the students were afraid of going to collage just because they had to face ragging and had a fear of being insulted in front of other friends. Why? were they lacking in confidence? No, as they knew seniors can go to the extent of exploiting them sexually. Many cases have been filed where students have been forced to do many unsocial acts. In many places the students had to return crying to their house just because some senior’s hyper bad behavior during ragging. So the Indian government termed ragging as a punishable offense.

Did this actually work?

Well I don’t think so. As with this the juniors in the college have been provided with some extraordinary powers and there is a special anti-ragging squad in nearly all colleges and universities. This has resulted in a even worse situation. Now days in many places affidavit is being taken from students stating that they wont rag their juniors, so now the juniors are directly going to the seniors and misbehaving them with their sentence ending with “you must have given an affidavit so don’t dare to reply me”. If not this, at least in all colleges the juniors are completely distanced from their seniors, due to which they never are able to build a bond with there seniors and miss the chance to gain all the experience he/she could have gained.

Do you think this is right?
Is the Indian government taking the right step?
Can’t it actually be stopped in college level?

Well we all know the answer. If the seniors use their power correctly and with that teach the juniors how and what is a professional life it can be solved.
And this is not all the juniors have to also support them as it is for their betterment and they get to learn a lot.

Just, if everyone uses his/her power in a right manner there wont be any problem.

Well this is what I feel but what do u feel????????