Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Freedom in Frames

When i came across Blogadda's frames of freedom contest, i thought what could be better than capturing the moment of young girls going to school as they break the barriers of their society which is against girls getting educated(yes its right even now in many places the girl child is not allowed to study) so I went to a school near my house and clicked these pics(below).

From these pics it can be can be clearly seen how confident these kids are about securing their future and they can feel that yes we have the Freedom of education. But just after this i get reminded of the kids who really feel free if just they don't have to babysit their siblings for a day? (Why has the mankind limited its freedom)

Then I move to the vocational center in the same institute and click some snaps where the kids are give training in various professional fields so that they can easily secure their future.

In these pics it can be easily known how confident the kids are to have the freedom to secure their future and be self-dependent. But after this why do i get reminded of the kids who feel happy just to see others working but are sad within themselves? (Why is human freedom confined to a particular limit).

Then i click the pic of a girl who is really happy as she got her favorate chocolate to eat.

Here i can see the girl feels free to get the chocolate but then why am i reminded of a kid who is more happy than this girl when he/she gets a broken toy to play with. (Why is human freedom confined).

Then i finally found something to click which conveyed total freedom with out any limitation...

Here I can see the nature's total freedom....

The clouds to roar throughout the world..
The winds to blow wherever they want..
The river to flow round the world...

Then i hear the nature asking me "Why did the mankind limit its freedom?"


  1. hi, sagar your thinking is good .
    from my side reason for Ur ? is we r so busy in our daily routine game that what is going on in other field we don't know so we r limited in ourselves. we all should work on that or think for a while at least.

  2. @ lopa

    thanks buddy.....

    @ silus

    nice thinking buddy.... nd thanks for the comment..

  3. The last picture is my favourite,its shows how Nature knows no boundaries & doesn't know any limits,for Nature the idiom 'sky is the limit' also doesn't hold. If the mankind didn't spend so much time in complicating life & the simple joys it holds, may be we would learn to appreciate more around us & strive to achieve more.
    for true freedom lies in our thoughts & not in materialistic achievements.A man who discovers himself can be said to have have found true freedom.
    wonderful post! :)

  4. @rinaya...

    thankyou buddy. Well you really got the meaning of the pic and your right if we discover ourselfs it'll be the best part.

    Thanks for the comment...

  5. I agree wid Rinaya. The last pic is really symbolic, and also symbolises ur way of approaching things. U hav a vision and taste dat is more of inspirational nd motivational too. Well buddy I wanted to roll some more words of appreciation 4 u but then I want 2 save them 4 ur other attemps. Well done!!

  6. @arnov...

    thanks alot dude for such an encouraging comment...
    its great that you understand my thoughts hope everybody does and implement it.....

  7. the 2nd last pic was cool.. hahaa

    and must tell her, enjoy the test of chocolate.

  8. @saswat

    thanks dude il surely tell her as i had to bribe her with chocolates for a pic....

    anyways thanks for the comment

  9. love the sky in the last pic... nice composition :)

  10. Love the first two pics... absolutely wonderful.
    all the best to you

  11. Loved the first two pics and the one of the girl wid chocolate

    nice idea..of the girls going to school....
    but I loved the final composition...THE LANDSCAPE more than anything

  13. Superb buddy :) simply impressive :) All the best :)
    Way to go >>>>>

  14. @..blogger
    thanks buddy...... feels gud dat u understood the meaning.....
    thanks buddy..... thanks alot for commenting

    @..k hari thanks buddy for the appreciation...

    @ sunitha thanks alot buddy....

  15. thoughtful concept! All the best Sagar!

  16. grt one..............different concept and better click....kudos to u!!!!

  17. @The madrasi...

    Thanks alot for you encouraging comment...