Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Politics In India: A Lopsided Affair


India is known to be a democratic republic, but do you think the meaning of democracy is still the same in India or has it been redefined with a new meaning given by the politicians. Our country claims to be developing for the last 3-4 decades but is it actually developing or simply following the footsteps of another developed country? When the public is questioned, each & everyone is ready with blazing words condemning the government. But is the government the only one responsible for all this? Why is it that even when a natural calamity occurs the government is made responsible for all the loss incurred? Why is the Indian government always regarded with mistrust & negative publicity?

What I have personally figured out, the Indian population’s mentality is the one to be blamed. We always think & speak but never act! We talk of stopping corruption but when it comes to our own work we don’t hesitate to bribe others. In all grave situations, we react in a manner of a human robot, programmed to permanently blame the government for every mishap that occurs.
We say politics is bad, then why don’t we let our children enter it & bring about a change?
Don’t you think that if the entire political system is reframed then India would be better off? We have high-level of tests for the administrative officials. Shouldn’t the heads of these officials be made to prove their mettle too? Shouldn’t’ they give a small test on the Indian Constitution to warranty that those who rule us at least know something about the rule book?

Why is politics considered a dirty profession? Till date what I have seen, who enters politics?

• Political families end up campaigning for their own sons & daughters, making Indian politics a family affair
• Retired film stars. sportspersons & business men, whom the party hires for publicity.

And the worst are the ‘self-made’ politicians.

• Local goons tired of their everyday petty extortion affairs, get the innovative idea of joining politics to lead a sophisticated life. Exchanging their mafia look for the clean white kurta & Gandhian cap they enter politics.
• From the very childhood kids are voting for their monitor in school. At college it’s the Secretary & in University the President. For these candidates, power & responsibility combine to form the key to financial door. As outside parties lend their support, they terrorize, influence or dominate over their fellow college-mates to gain maximum votes. You better vote or else…
For them holding a position of responsibility just translates to having more money. And when this ideology has been firmly ingrained in them, the party takes them in their fold-meet the young leaders of India.

As a result of this, parents tend to guide their children as far away from politics as possible, so much that they don’t even vote in elections! And the ones who support it, effectively use politics as a medium to raise their social & financial status.

I am at a loss to understand now, is the Indian government for the people, by the people & of the people or is it the people that are for, by & of the government?

Does an Indian have no voice of their own? Isn’t true democracy being muted by this manner?
Isn’t this the reason why every sector has met with downfall? The British left behind a great policy that the Indians meticulously adhere to-“Divide & Rule” policy. We divide one every conceivable basis & grounds & try to rule over others to prove our false supremacy.

The inner conflicts that India has is the reason why outer forces can easily wreck havoc here. We have more Maoists & Naxalites than the Al-Qaeda terrorists!

When Congress had demanded for a ‘partial democracy’ Gandhi ji was stunned hearing that the youth of India had cried out for “Purna Swaraj” I.e. freedom in its entirety. And we had obtained it. Purna Swaraj!

On August 15, 1947 the sweet breeze of freedom wafted over India, wiping every Indian’s sweat & tears irrespective of caste creed or religion. But now, as we are celebrating the 63rd Independence, I put before you this question, are we living in Purna Swaraj or is it a partial democracy with the powerful & mighty ruling over the meek?

Thus, I refrain from saying “Mera Bharat Mahan”!

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  1. gud man...never realised u had such profound opinions about the indian democracy...and so true bout the divide and rule policy man..its the main reason y we're lagging behind so much..if 1 billion of us were to be united in our stand...we wud make such a powerful country...utopian notion of course..

  2. your thoughts are crisply presented.However how so much I may crib I can never really refrain from saying Mera Bharat Mahaan.

  3. Wow Sagar didn't knw u had such a deep insight on politics. I agree wid all d points u mentioned.
    The main problem is d mentality of ppl they would rather whine but never do anything 2 change d situation.We would meekly give up our rites rather than struggle 4 them.
    An average Indian lack d leadership quality n courage 2 do sum thing different.Dey simply choose d most conveinent path:2 follow d so called powerful ppl.
    Man 2day is too caught up wid d regular norms of d world earning his bread n butter 2 actually bother abt anything else outside his family.
    If 1 man frm non political background steps forward to do sum thing different der r 15 others to pull him back n discourage him frm entering d big bad world of politics.
    The society always chides n never encourages or support any new idea n kill it b4 they even blossom.
    People 4get dat it is we who hv d power 2 make or break d government coz we are too accustomed to slavery.
    First d raja maharajahs den d Britishers n nw d new age self proclaimed democratics, different names but dey all represent d same damn thing.

  4. A strong take on the political farce that has ensnared India.I wholly agree to the examination ritual being made mandatory for the politicians as well.
    And it is really a case of 'Partial Democracy' as Indians are ruled by more than the faulty & corrupted govt.They are ruled by their own superstitions,false social norms & rituals & a strict following of Indian culture interpreted to suit their needs.And as Faceless Voice has pointed we lack the leadership qualities required to bring about a change. Innovative thoughts are criticized & newness discouraged.
    Still I won't lose hope,for the younger generation should be able to bring about a change & then we can proudly proclaim-'Mera Bharat Mahaan'!!

  5. @poeticbreak well i ment it in a different way buddy. i mean its for the people due to which our country is truly loosing its "mahanta". i guess ull agree to it.

    @faceless voice very well said hope everyone of us understands this....nd thnx alot

    @rin thnx for da comment na ya even i feel da same hope even others do....

  6. wowwww man good one......please answer just one of my questions
    what are you and citizens of india like me doing to improve our country?
    mera bharat maha hamre nagrik hain adhe beman.....
    but overall uare good at writting buddy...keep on

  7. thnx buddy... dat is wast im telling everyone is gud in advising but wen it comes to them everyone is a coward(im nothing diffrent)...

    well we all need to change...........

    thnx for ur coment buddy.....

  8. Hmm, interesting!

    Just imagine we travel back to, say, 700 years ago. Kingdoms were ruled by rulers, assisted by those in the noble court. The remaining population had no say. Let's assume the ones in the court were talented to do that: lead the kingdom.

    Zap back to today's world, and all of us have an opinion. All of us have a say. And we blame our leaders, represented by the government.

    I would say that the percentage of talented leaders in a given population is still the same. Yet none of them are involved in the government anymore.

    The noble court of yester-years has been replaced by a bafoonary of a government today. To make it worse, we can complain about it.

  9. @mochachilo

    well im glad that you understood... if everyone does then im sure the social problems in our society will vanish....